About social sweethearts GmbH

We are an online publisher and a hugely successful one at that!

On a daily basis, we reach millions of users with our content and projects, whether it’s quizzes, apps or blogs. We are a creative team where our mission is to “make people smile”, we are committed to entertaining people and want to empower them to get the most from their valuable time on our host of content platforms. If you are an active user, or you have just seen us on Facebook, we are sure you may be familiar with some of our products such as: nametests.com, testony.com and apost.com.

We use the latest technology trends in Microservices Architecture, DevOps and Machine Learning in our projects in order to be more adaptive in the modern internet world. The technology we use is primarily PHP, Python and JavaScript from the development side, with many complimentary tools used alongside. With this, we are able to achieve the following:

  • Over 4 billion page impressions in a single month
  • Over 350 million active users (1 in every 6 Facebook users!)
  • Content translated into over 40 different languages

We have many exciting projects we are running in conjunction with our current and hugely successful websites. In order to continue our growth trajectory we are searching for passionate colleagues that value innovative, Agile and explorative work as much as we do!

If you have a passion for content or would like to work with the latest tools and technologies, come along and click on the apply button, we look forward to hearing from you! :)

Current openings